Australian Giant Trevally

Australian Giant Trevally

Cody's Fish

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A bucket-list fishing adventure stalking the giant trevally demands a piece of license plate artwork to commerate your trip.  These authentic license plates had to change hands many times (if you know what I mean) to end up on this beautiful piece.  There are limited plates available, so order yours today!

Every license plate art piece is handmade out of authentic license plates.  Yours will look very similar, but will not be exactly the same as the photo due to the individual plates.


“No-Frame” - All of my pieces are built by wrapping license plates around a ¾-inch wooden base and are ready to hang straight out of the box. Each comes pre-fitted with a reinforced hanging wire, so you can mount the piece however you feel in your space.

“With Frame Add-on” - While my pieces look amazing hung without a frame, I feel that mounting the artwork on Barnwood really adds definition and depth, and perfectly compliments aged license plates. Should you choose to have your piece framed, please specify whether you would like Espresso-stained or natural Barnwood as the background in the “Special Notes and Requests” textbox prior to adding it to your cart.